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Nth Metal
Nth Metal


Batman, Hawkman




21st century

First Appearance

Terror on Dinosaur Island!


Nth Metal is native to the planet Thanagar. Its unique properties are able to govern the four fundamental forces of the universe (strong, weak, gravitational, and electromagnetic). It is believed that in 1300 B.C., the Thanagarians utilized Nth Metal for space travel. One such vessel crash landed in ancient Egypt. Centuries later, Nth Metal is still used on Earth. More popular for defying gravity and levitating its user, Nth Metal is also useful against fighting metahumans with the power of intangibility. Somehow, it interferes with dimensional shifting.

Carter Hall was the first human known to utilize Nth Metal. With it, he crafted weapons and a harness that gave him the power of flight. Batman is known to keep brass knuckles and handcuffs fashioned from Nth Metal in his utility belt, for the purpose of fighting Gentleman Ghost. Batman began adding Nth Metal to more of his tools, including Batarangs, in order to better fight Gentleman Ghost. The Faceless Hunter managed to kill a Thanagarian in combat then stuffed his body to be a display aboard his space cruiser. His armor and even the Nth Metal Mace were kept in working condition. It appears to have been destroyed in battle with Batman, though.