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Nabu BTBATB 01

Real Name



Court of Order and Chaos


Lord of Order


Lords of Order

Abilities and Powers

Omnipresence, Omniscience, Immortality, Magic, Illusions, Invisibility, Intangibility, Flight, Levitation, Astral Projection, Space Time Manipulation, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Intelligence, Impenetrable Skin, Transmutation, and Cosmic Awareness

First Appearance

The Fate of Equinox!

Voiced By

James Arnold Taylor



Over 10 billion years ago, when the universe was born, two elemental and equally opposite forces came into being. One became known as the Lords of Order, and the others, the Lords of Chaos. The Lords of Order manifested as the first sentient race on the planet Cilia as beings composed of pure energy. In 3500 B.C., one of the Lords of Order descended to Earth as a human named Nabu the Wise, adviser to the pharaohs of Egypt. In this time, Nabu collected several magical artifacts such as the Amulet of Anubis and the Scarab. He was appointed Royal Adviser and Court Magician.

Then centuries after undergoing suspended animation, Nabu was awakened in 1940 by Kent Nelson. He transformed Nelson into an adult and trained him to be an agent of Order. When the student was ready, Nabu bestowed the Helmet of Fate and Amulet of Anubis to him. Nelson became a powerful mystic and immortal named Dr. Fate. It is said that Nabu still advises Fate through the Helmet.

Nabu currently presides over the High Court of Order and Chaos with Typhon in an inter-dimensional realm. He had a hand in helping empower a chosen orphan and creating Equinox. Just as Dr. Fate and Batman appeared for help, Equinox arrived and drained the Lords of their power. After Batman defeated Equinox and restored balance to the universe, Nabu and the others regained their power.

Powers and Abilities[]