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In 5th century Britain, Morgaine Le Fey was the student of the wizard, Merlin and half-sister of King Arthur. Over time, the student surpassed the master. Corrupted by power, Le Fey raised an army against the kingdom of Camelot. She overpowered the castle and soon took control. King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table were turned to stone. Le Fey also used her magic to take control of Merlin's demon, Etrigan.

The only tool capable of defeating her is the Sword in the Stone, Excalibur. Merlin long hid the sword away and only a predestined person could pull it from the stone. Merlin turned to mystic runes to find an alternate. He discovered Batman or Green Arrow were worthy. With a magic mirror, Le Fey was able to listen on all of Merlin's plans and took control of Batman temporarily. Batman and Green Arrow acquired Excalibur together and defeated Le Fey.

Powers and Abilities[]

Morgan Le Fay was a formidable sorceress with a large number of magical powers. Testaments of her might included her taking over Camelot in a day, overpowering Merlin easily and being able to control powerful individuals such as Etrigan and Batman. Over the course of her only appearance, she demonstrated the following powers:

- Mind control: the power to control the minds of others. She could easily hypnotise Jason Blood/Etrigan the Demon and then Batman. They became completely obedient and could only be freed by Merlin with a counter spell.

- Energy projection: Morgain could project large waves or whirlwinds of green mystical energy.

- Petrification: she turned Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table into stone statues. She also did this later to Merlin and Etrigan.

- Scrying: through a mirror, she could spy on her enemies from a distance.

- Teleportation: she could transport herself and others over long distances by vanishing and reappearing in a tornado of green smoke.

- Shield projection: during a magical standoff with Merlin she could conjure green barriers in the shape of a pentagram. They could easily deflect Merlin's offensive spells.

- Shapeshifting: Morgaine could transform into a massive green dragon. In this form, she could fly, was strong enough to demolish a tower, and could breathe green flames which petrified anyone they hit.

- Invincibility: the only weapon that could kill her was Excalibur. Other than that, she could be considered invincible.