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Real Name



War World




Jonah Hex

Abilities and Powers

Enhanced Strength and Impenetrability

First Appearance

Duel of the Double Crossers!

Voiced By

Gary Anthony Williams


Mongal (sister)

"Word to the wise, never trust someone who has a Warmoon."



The son of the first Mongul, Mongul is the current dictator of War World, a mobile satellite that travels across the universe in search of warriors to compete against each other to the death. He promotes it as a way of life but Mongul is engaged in constant sibling rivalry with his sister, Mongal.

Unable to compete with his sister's champion, Steppenwolf, Mongul recruited Jonah Hex from the past to capture worthy gladiators. Hex obliged and Mongul armed him with laser weapons and a robot horse. Hex captured a large amount of warriors but they continued to fail in battle. Making it apparent he wanted to return home, Hex was ordered to capture one least warrior, Batman. Mongul watched as his sister's scheme fell apart and personally confronted Batman and Hex when they infiltrated the Containment Center. Batman willingly scrambled the cell block mainframe and released Mongul's prisoners. Mongul and Mongal fled with the prisoners in pursuit.

Mongul left in his Warmoon, with Steppenwolf, to destroy Earth. However, he couldn't resist making sport of it. Using the Warmoon, he carved a special racetrack and teleported several superheroes and villains to its location. Mongul announced a challenge, a Death Race through 100 miles. If Steppenwolf wins, Earth is destroyed but if anyone else, Mongul would give them title as ruler of Earth. He also issued rules that if anyone was knocked off track they would be teleported to his ship's prison and watch the race before being executed and that they were no other rules. Batman quickly deduced a plan and distracted Mongul while the other heroes lost and gathered in the Warmoon. After it was destroyed, Batman knocked him out. Mongul and Steppenwolf were taken by Guy Gardner to a sciencell on Oa.

Powers and Abilities[]