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Green Lantern Corps

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The Eyes of Despero!

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"Holy Smokes, he's going after Mogo"



Mogo is a living planet with a reputation as the most feared and mysterious being in the universe. Mogo's origin and its subsequent recruitment into the Green Lantern Corps are unknown. In any case, it became the Green Lantern of Space Sector 2261 and fashioned a green band with the symbol of the Corps around itself. Since Mogo is a planet, it rarely interacts with others and is unable to make any visits to Oa.

Tomar-Re learned about an instance when Mogo was challenged by Bolphugna the Unrelenting, a violent being with a reputation as an unbeatable warrior. Bolphugna had no idea what Mogo looked like. With what little information he had gathered, Bolphugna landed on an Earth-like planet and noticed there weren't any signs of sentient species. He repeatedly called for Mogo to fight him but received no response. Instead of giving up, Bolphugna spent years on the planet looking for Mogo. He inspected every animal, every insect, and every plant. When that failed to yield any results, he started mapping out the planet and started to notice the forests were groomed in intricate patterns, often accompanied by a vast expanse of land. Bolphugna's patience finally wore out and a momentary lapse of judgement, he threw the maps down and began to match them up. The patterns formed the symbol of the Green Lantern Corps. Bolphugna realized the planet was Mogo. He returned to his spaceship, left, and was never heard from again.

When Despero failed to retain the Green Lantern Corps as his army, he altered his plans to take control of the lone Green Lantern left, Mogo. With Mogo's size, Despero could easily absorb billions of minds at once. After Despero and Mogo assimilated Xudar in Space Sector 2813, Batman, Guy Gardner, G'Nort, and Sinestro made a final stand against them. Batman would distract Despero, Gardner would distract Mogo, Sinestro would protect Earth, and G'Nort would drain Mogo's Power Battery and effectively take Despero's weapon away. Gardner discovered Sinestro deviated from the plan and intended to blow Mogo up. Gardner defeated Sinestro and G'Nort managed to strip enough power for Mogo to regain control of itself. Mogo quickly launched the final blow to defeat Despero.

Powers and Abilities[]

In addition to the standard powers of a Green Lantern Power Ring, Mogo can also alter his weather and surface conditions such as plant growth and gravity, and travel through space at faster-than-light speeds. Mogo has a form of sensory or extrasensory awareness of what is happening around and on it. However, his wellbeing is largely sustained by the constant supply of energy from a Green Lantern Power Battery. Without it, he eventually loses his strength and even falls into a seemingly comatose state. Mogo also telepathically guides the Green Lantern Power rings to their bearers.