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Mister Miracle
Mister Miracle

Real Name

Scott Free


New Genesis


New God


Oberon (Manager)

Abilities and Powers

Super Escape Artist

First Appearance

The Last Bat On Earth!

Voiced By

Yuri Lowenthal


Big Barda (wife)

“Only the great Mister Miracle could get me into a mess like this”



Mister Miracle aka Scott Free was a longtime friend of Batman and known as the Universe's Greatest Escape Artist. After a bloody war between the New Gods of New Genesis and Apokolips, the planets' leaders came to an uneasy truce. Highfather exchanged his son with Darkseid's son, Orion. Highfather's son was brought up on Apokolips by Granny Goodness, a sadistic follower of Darkseid. She named the baby Scott Free out of mockery. Despite years of abuse, he retained his innocence and indomitable will. As Free grew into adulthood, he nurtured his natural talent for the escape arts and ran away from Goodness.

Free's goal of freedom was furthered by Himon, a New God who stays out of the age old conflict but often causes mischief for Darkseid. While on the run, Free fell in love with Big Barda, an elite warrior, and won her over with his good nature. Together, they fled Apokolips and settled on Earth as husband and wife. Free studied under a circus escape artist named Thaddeus Brown and became friends with Brown's assistant and manager, Oberon. Brown performed under the stage name of Mr. Miracle and was amazed with Free's skills. When Brown was murdered, Free took the name and brought the killers to justice.

As a pacifist, he was ready to live a quiet life and settle down with Barda but her desire for adventure often brought him back into the action.

Last Bat on Earth[]

He teamed up with Batman at an event to escape a death trap to raise money for charity. He was married to a woman named Big Barda. After they escape, he bragged about the stunt with Batman, until his wife said that it would be a real miracle if he would clean out the garage. Batman then told Mister Miracle, with a smile, that this was one trap that he couldn't escape from.

Siege of Starro[]

He is seen with a Starro clone attached to his face, and seen being drained by the star monster. He and his wife are also present at B'Wana Beast's funeral.

Powers andf Abilities[]

Like all New Gods, Mister Miracle posses superhuman strength, endurance, durability, agility, and reflexes, as well as an extended lifespan. He is also a master escape artist, and his suit contains an arsenal of hidden gadgets.