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Mister Freeze
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Real Name

Dr. Victor Fries







Abilities and Powers

Cryokinesis, Above Average Intelligence, Enhanced Strength, and Enhanced Durability

First Appearance

Legends of the Dark Mite!

Voiced By

John DiMaggio



Mr. Freeze aka Victor Fries was a criminal scientist based in Gotham City. When he was trying to save his wife, Fries was exposed to an experimental cryogenic chemical. It froze his molecular structure and forced him to wear a special suit to regulate his required body temperature of 50 degrees below zero. As Mr. Freeze, he began to steal diamonds to fund his campaign to exact revenge. He froze Batman and Robin in an attempted robbery, Mr. Freeze later captures them, and the Dynamic Duo tried to help him to a normal way of life, but the Police took Freeze into custody.

Mr. Zero became part of Bat-Mite's imagined day as Batman. Batman stepped in and defeated Zero by shattering his glass helmet with a Batarang. The real Zero was residing in Arkham Asylum. Zero later updated his costume and changed his name to Mr. Freeze.

At an arms sale conducted by Joe Chill, Mr. Freeze was present. After it was revealed Chill was responsible for creating Batman, the villains turned on him. Freeze was one that joined in on beating him. He and the others fled the site when the roof began to give way. Some time later, Mr. Freeze positioned several glaciers near Gotham City and planned to wipe it off the map. He managed to capture Aquaman, Green Arrow, and Plastic Man. Batman found his hideout and freed the other superheroes. Together, they defeated Freeze and his 40 henchmen. While Batman, Green Arrow, and Plastic Man set off the melt the glaciers, Aquaman finished the tale of his first Batman team up to the helpless Mr. Freeze.

Mr. Freeze was later present at the Joker's 'Superhero Celebrity Roast' where the Joker was roasting Batman alive. Freeze attempts making puns to mock Batman without success. Freeze and the others were distracted by Jeffrey Ross, giving Batman time to escape. Batman then took down Mr. Freeze and the others.

Powers and Abilities

Aside from the constant necessity to keep his body at low temperatures, Freeze has no special abilities. He is equipped with his suit, which keeps his body cool as long as he is encased in it, and his freeze guns, able to fire potent ice beams that can freeze their targets in place instantly.


  • Because the idea of The Brave and the Bold is to harken back to Batman's Silver Age adventures, no mention is made of the tragic element of Mister Freeze's backstory in the form of his terminally ill, cryogenically conserved wife, Nora Fries, since it would only be added to his character with his appearance in Batman: The Animated Series, in the 1990s.
  • Mister Freeze's appearance is loosely based on the version of the character portrayed in the Adam West TV series.