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Real Name



Earth A.D.





Abilities and Powers

Mind Wave Projection and Mind Blasts

First Appearance

The Malicious Mr. Mind!

Voiced By

Dee Bradley Baker



Led by Dr. Hiram Boxer, the Planners initiated a long-range program to protect their descendants from all natural dangers. It was a two-pronged approach, physical and mental. The result of the latter was a mutant. He grew into dwindled man who came to be known as Misfit and was kept in a life support cubicle. He had an enlarged head and was gifted with mental abilities that compensate for his useless limbs. However, the time in the cubicle drove him insane. Long after the Great Disaster, Misfit planned to exact revenge on all life on Earth. First, he used his powers to program orders into Servi-Tek robots and second, he would release Morticoccus the Ultimate Germ. Immune to the germ, Misfit would survive as it destroyed all other life on Earth. This drew him into conflict with Kamandi and his allies. Misfit and the germ were launched into space and assumed dead.

Some time after, Misfit and his army followed Kamandi and Dr. Canus through a wormhole to the 21st century. They arrived in Gotham City and Batman joined the battle. Kamandi and Canus were searching for the fabled 5-5 Modules, the only power source for the Mind Wave Jamming Device that could defeat Misfit. The Modules turned out to be AA Batteries and the Jamming Device, a boom box. Once played, the Servi-Teks were destroyed and Misfit collapsed from the mind-numbing pain emitted from the device. Misfit was taken back to the future but soon resurfaced in Tiger City. He had a new plan to take control of the Tiger Empire's Omega Warhead, detonate it, and take over what was left. However, when Kamandi and Prince Tuftan turned the tide of battle, Misfit sent a distress call to the past. The Joker answered it and arrived. Though the villains won, the Joker set off the warhead, destroying Earth, including Joker and Misfit.

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