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Mirror Master
Evan McCulloch BTBATB 001

Real Name

Evan McCulloch






The Rogues

Abilities and Powers

Assassination and Technology

First Appearance

Four Star Spectacular!

Voiced By

Tom Kenny



Evan McCulloch was born to wealthy parents, Louis and Carol Erikson in Kirkcaldy, Scotland. They felt they were too young and put their child up for adoption. Evan first killed when he was eight years old and went out on his own at age 16. He took the last name McCulloch after the woman who raised him. He felt suited for a criminal lifestyle and started out as a hitman then became a professional assassin. McCulloch became the best assassin in Scotland and even assassinated his birth father. The FBI hired him and gave him the technology of the original Mirror Master.

Eventually, McCulloch grew tired of the FBI, killed his superiors, and went back to freelance work. He used Samuel Scudder's notes on anti tachyons to perfect the Mirror Pack to open the door to the mirror dimension and create 3d clones. It is said this Mirror Master sends a percentage of every job's gain to the orphanage where he grew up. Mirror Master was once mistakenly credited with killing the Flash. In that encounter, Mirror Master trapped the Flash in his Mirror Maze and created several clones to do him in with. Luckily, Abra Kadabra mentioned to the Flash Mirror Master had one tooth that was not symmetrical. This feature was not passed onto the clones and the Flash knocked out the real Mirror Master. Flash then used the Mirror Pack to create a clone to distract Abra while he rushed off to help Batman.

Powers and Abilities[]

McCulloch has no powers, but uses his predecessor's mirror based technology.