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Merlin Ambrosiu

Real Name

Merlin Ambrosius


Earth (5th century)




King Arthur

Abilities and Powers


First Appearance

Day of the Dark Knight!

Voiced By

David McCallum

“You must forgive the suddenness of which I have brought you here, it was a desperate act, by a desperate man.”


Merlin Ambrosius is the wizard and mentor of King Arthur in the 12th century. Aware that King Arthur was only human, Merlin kept safeguards in place to secure Camelot's survival. He hid away Excalibur and used his magic to bind and control the Demon Etrigan to Jason Blood. However, Merlin made a critical error when he took Arthur's half-sister Morgan Le Fay as a student. Le Fey lusted for power and took over Camelot. Desperate, Merlin used mystic runes to discover who else could wield Excalibur.

Day of the Dark Knight[]

Merlin finally met his match when his former student Morgan Le Fay attacked Camelot and defeated him. Merlin then summoned two warriors from the past (Batman and Green Arrow) to help him retrieve Excalibur to defeat Morgan Le Fay. With their help Camelot was rescued although he was upset by their constant bickering and sent them back to there own time period.

Trials of the Demon[]

Jason Blood recounted how Merlin and Etrigan had once used Wagner's Horn to seal away Astaroth.

Powers and Abilities[]

Merlin possessed the ability to conjure magical items, make shields and fire magical blasts and was proficient in many spells although his abilities were surpassed by Morgan Le Fay. He showed very little hand to hand fighting ability and was able to be knocked down by Etrigan quite easily.