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Base of Operations


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Various Nations

Current Members

Martian Manhunter, M'yri'ah J'onzz, K'hym J'onzz


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White Martians

First Appearance

Rise of the Blue Beetle!


Long ago, the Planet Mars was home to a supremely powerful malignant race simply known as the Burning. These beings The Martians had vast pyrokinetic abilities, reproduced asexually, and made extensive plans of intergalactic conquest. Fearing that these beings would ruin untold lives and species, the Guardians of the Universeintervened and defeated the evil race. In order to make sure that the Martians never again rediscover their burning origins, the Guardians split them into two distinct races and instilled both of them with a deep weakness and fear of fire. Thus the two Martian races were born: The White Martians, and the Green Martians.

White Martians[]

Over the following millennia, the Green and White Martians evolved and developed next to each other. The Green Martians developed into a peaceful civilization of philosophers, while the White Martians became savage war-mongers. The two races squabbled constantly. Both races called their home planet Ma'aleca'andra.


The Green Martian civilization thrived for hundreds of years to come after the war. They explored space and other planets, even visiting Earth and inspiring the Egyptians to build their massive pyramids. It was a prosperous time for them.The story of their fall would begin with the birth of two twin brothers: J'onn J'onzz and Ma'alefa'ak.

Both brothers grew up to be Manhunters (Policemen), but Ma'alefa'ak was a sociopath, and soon found himself committing the most heinous crime in the Martian society: Mind rape. For this transgression, the Martian assembly removed his telepathic abilities, an act he did not understand and the source of his hatred towards his race. Now basically a cripple and branded a freak by others, Ma'alefa'ak turned to thoughts of vengeance. He soon created a deliverer of his wrath: a telepathic plague he called "Hronmeer's curse," after the Martian God of death and art. A plague which, as the only non telepathic Martian, only Ma'alefa'ak would survive.

Like fire, the plague sweeped across Mars, killing every Martian it came in contact with. And being immune, Ma'alefa'ak was enjoying the fruits of his labor, until finding out of another Martian who survived the plague: his brother, J'onn.

The brothers fought, and in the aftermath Ma'alefa'ak was supposedly killed, and J'onn was left as the last surviving Martian.