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Real Name





New God



Abilities and Powers

Energy Absorption, Enhanced Strength, Flight, Heat Generation, Cryokinesis, Anti-Matter Manipulation, and Unarmed Combat

First Appearance

Cry Freedom Fighters!

Voiced By

Wade Williams



Mantis, himself, can possibly be more powerful than his master, Darkseid. Yet, his own megalomaniac personality limits him to the status of a mere agent of Apokolips. Darkseid tolerates Mantis' insolence as long as he aids Darkseid's own personal quest to find the solution of the Anti-Life Equation. In some circles, the solution is rumored to be hidden on Earth.

Mantis' origins are a mystery but points towards being a member of the race of 'bugs' that live in the underground caverns of New Genesis in neutrality. Mantis, however, wants nothing more than power and seeks to conquer planets for his own gain.

For unspecified reasons, Mantis appeared on Earth in a suburban neighborhood and battled Stargirl and Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes). They enraged the New God then overloaded him with energy. An unconscious Mantis was towed away with Stargirl's Cosmic Staff. He later resurfaced as part of Kalibak's invasion forces in Washington D.C. but was defeated by Booster Gold.

Powers and Abilities[]

Mantis is the second most powerful being on Apokolips, second to only Darkseid himself. Mantis is an energy vampire who can project tremendous blasts of energy and absorb any form of energy or any power source. He can even absorb magic, and can turn any energy against an opponent. Mantis can also teleport and open up his own boom tubes and he can charge matter with energy. Mantis' energy powers enables him the ability to sense and detect energy, enabling him to even sense an opponent who is invisible. He can even strike beings who are intangible with his energy blasts.

Mantis possesses a "thermal touch" which enables him to generate heat and he can create "frigi-blocks" which traps opponents in ice. Mantis' most dangerous power is his ability to generate antimatter. He can destroy anything he touches by creating anti-matter in the object that he touched. Mantis can generate and build large amounts of cosmic energy through his power pod, which he keeps underground and heavily guarded. If he uses too much energy up in a battle or becomes heavily injured he will flee to his power pod to recharge.

Alongside his vast energy manipulating abilities Mantis also possesses vast super strength, durability and stamina. He also possesses super speed, agility and reflexes, flight, and like all denizens of the Fourth World, Mantis is immortal.