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Magnus Laboratories
Magnus Laboratories


Gotham City




21st century

First Appearance

Clash of the Metal Men!


Magnus Laboratories was founded by Dr. Milton Magnus. He opened a facility aimed to conduct cutting edge research in a variety of emerging fields of science. This was all in part to execute Magnus' dream of making the world a better place for mankind. He recruited the best and brightest the work for him. However, they misused his labs to create a weaponized gas and caused a horrible accident.

Magnus discovered the wreckage and considering shutting down the company out of grief. But he decided the dream must live on. He rebuilt the lab and created the Metal Men. The dream, legacy, and vision of Magnus Laboratories would live on in them. Batman was recently an invited guest where he was treated to a film reel detailing the origins of his new allies, the Metal Men. Magnus' former employees survived in the form of gas became the Gas Gang and triggered an alarm to isolate and kidnap him. After Batman and the Metal Men saved the day, they returned to Magnus Labs with Doc Magnus to rebuild the team.

Some time after, Doc Magnus was infected with a Starro clone and he used the laboratory to reprogram the Metal Men. Luckily, Booster Gold and Skeets teleported into the building and liberated them.