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Madniks BTBATB 001

Base of Operations

Hub City

Team Leader(s)

Farley Fleeter

Current Members


Former Members

Various Members


Batman, Booster Gold, Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)



First Apperance

Menace of the Madniks!


The Madniks are a group of villains founded by Farley Fleeter under the guise of dismantling a corrupt and diseased society. They donned matching colorful outfits, making them look like complete madmen. Based in Hub City, they are a formidable force in Blue Beetle's Rogues Gallery. The Madniks always managed to escape capture from Blue Beetle, Ted Kord, many times. On one theft, a trio of Madniks led by Krebs targeted S.T.A.R. Labs' Quark Pistol in order to gain true power. However, they were defeated by Booster Gold and Blue Beetle. In the moment the Pistol was destroyed, the Madniks were exposed to its subatomic structure and unknowingly had their DNA altered. They were arrested and taken to the Hub Island Penitentiary.

The villains immediately escaped their prison cells and attempted to escape. While trying to climb an electric fence, the trio were transformed into power draining monsters. Now able to consume any form of energy, the monsters converted their fuel into mass and became stronger and larger at every turn. In a hypertimeline, the monsters drained the power of the Hub City Nuclear Reactor and went on a rampage to the east coast. Their latest target was Gotham City. Batman, Booster Gold, and Skeets travelled back in time two years to stop the Madniks from absorbing the energy from Hub City. Blue Beetle readjusted the energy output of his BB Gun and broadcasted the signal from Booster Gold's force field generator. Batman and Booster then entered the nuclear reactor room and channelled the signal through the core. The monsters were changed back into the Madniks and the apocalyptic future was rewritten. Two years later, they resurfaced in Gotham City robbing a bank.



  • In the comics this team of villains was called the Madmen, and had six members instead of three.