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Lord Naga
Lord Naga BTBATB 001

Real Name

Jeffrey Franklin Burr






Kobra Cult

Abilities and Powers

Magic, Military Strategy, Armed Combat, and Above Average Intelligence

First Appearance

Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster!

Voiced By

Robin Atkin Downes



Jeffrey Burr was born as a conjoined twin with his brother Jason. However, he was believed to be the one mentioned in a prophecy that would grow up to become leader of the Kobra Cult and usher in Kali Yuga, the age of chaos. Kobra separated Jeffrey from Jason and kidnapped him. Raised in isolation, Jeffrey Burr was cared for by seemingly unlimited resources and thousands of followers becoming a genius, master strategist and tactician, and psychopath. Burr was eventually awarded the title of Lord Naga Naya.

Naga is a reference to Buddhist mythology in which the Naga Naga Knaya are a group of part human and part serpent guardians of the law of Buddha. They were also believed to be rain gods and also guardians of water and wealth. It is said a priceless jewel is carried in their forehead or throad. In one tale, two Naga kings named Nanda and Upananda gave Gautama his first bath and an alms bowl before he became Buddha. The Naga serpents are represented as two entwined serpents to symbolize earthly transcendence, hence Kobra targeting twins in their search for a leader. Thus, Lord Naga believed himself to be the most important person in the world. He equally became the world's deadliest man and focused operations in Asia and Europe before expanding to America. This move brought him and Kobra in constant conflict with super heroes. Undaunted, Naga pressed on in a mission to acquire various advanced technologies and magical artifacts.

Eventually, Kobra came close to starting Kali Yuga. Lord Naga presided over a human sacrifice and was about to awaken the demon lord Kali when Batman stormed their castle hideout. Despite being outnumbered by hundreds of Kobra foot soldiers, Batman evened the odds when he summoned the Outsiders into action. The sacrifice's life was spared but Kali was awakened in a weakened state. It attempted to feed on Batman but was destroyed by Black Lightning and Geo-Force. Lord Naga was rendered unconscious by Metamorpho. While congratulating the Outsiders for a job well-done, they realized the castle bridge was still drawn and hundreds more foot soldiers poured into the castle.

Powers and Abilities[]