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Lord Deathman
Lord Death Man

Real Name



Bat-Manga Universe





Abilities and Powers

Slowed Breathing, Strategy, Armed Combat, Theft, and Piloting

First Appearance

Bat-Mite Presents: Batman's Strangest Cases!

Voiced By

Diedrich Bader



In the Bat-Manga universe, Lord Death Man is a super villain who claims to be a living dead man. His mask and costume are also grafted to his body and can't be removed. He made his debut in Gotham City by robbing Mr. Star's jewelry show and fleeing with the "Gem of Fire" Ruby. With the audience fooled by phosphorescent paint on black cloth disguised as his henchmen, Lord Death Man scaled the 12 floors to his getaway car. Batman and Robin managed to defeat and capture him. During his trial, Lord Death Man died in the courtroom and was buried. However, he appeared in Batman's dreams and taunted him. In a state of distress, Bruce Wayne agreed to go with Dick Grayson on a vacation to Jamaica to replenish himself.

While enjoying themselves on the beach, they turned on the radio and learned Lord Death Man returned and murdered again. He and his gang were currently headed to Route 66 in a black hearse. At the Gotham Junkyard, Batman and Robin defeated Lord Death Man again, this time by slamming a wrecking ball into the hearse. Lord Death Man was pulled out and died again. After being buried, Lord Death Man haunted Batman's dreams again. During a party organized by Mr. Star, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson watched a yogi demonstrate the ancient Hindu art of slowed yoga breathing. With it mastered, one could make it appear that their breathing and heartbeat had stopped and give off the appearance of death. Batman posited that Lord Death Man's henchmen must dig him up when the focus is drawn away from his grave.

Batman and Robin arrived at the cemetery and were surrounded by Lord Death Man and his gang. Batman faked his death while Robin jumped to the Batmobile. As he and Batman dispatched the henchmen, Lord Death Men took to a helicopter and attempted to destroy the Dynamic Duo with bombs. Robin activated the Batmobile's smoke screen and blinded Lord Death Man. He flew straight into power lines and set off his own bomb. He appears to have died in the resulting explosion.

Powers and Abilities[]