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Kobra Cult

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Lord Naga

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Various Members

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Batman, Outsiders

First Appearance

Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster!



The Kobra Cult, a secret society located somewhere near India and the Himalayas, was founded on the ultimate goal of ushering in the age of chaos, known as Kali-Yuga in Hindu scripture. According to a prophecy, one of a set of twins was destined to become their leader and initate Kali Yuga. Kobra selected and kidnapped an infant named Jeffrey Burr. They raised him as their chosen one and he grew to take the name of Lord Naga. Under his leadership, they became an international terrorist organization that manipulated governments, stole various technologies, and searched the planet for objects with mystical powers. Victims of Kobra often met their end with a snake-themed punishment such as being covered in deadly species of snake.

Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster![]

Eventually, Kobra came close to starting Kali Yuga. Lord Naga presided over a human sacrifice and was about to awaken the demon lord Kali when Batman stormed their castle hideout. Despite being outnumbered by hundreds of Kobra foot soldiers, Batman evened the odds when he summoned the Outsiders into action. The sacrifice's life was spared but Kali was awakened in a weakened state. It attempted to feed on Batman but was destroyed by Black Lightning and Geo-Force. Lord Naga was rendered unconscious by Metamorpho. While congratulating the Outsiders for a job well-done, they realized the castle bridge was still drawn and hundreds more foot soldiers poured into the castle.