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Legends of the Dark Mite!

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Khalex escaped from prison on his home planet and sought to set up a criminal ring. He found Earth and scouted it from space with his Visiscreen. He decided to take over Gotham City with the help of a gangster named Midge Martin and acquired Kryptonite in space to use on Superman. However, when he landed on Earth, he sighted Galgolex, the only substance that could make him powerless, 1000 times stronger than Kryptonite's effect on Superman. At the same time, Batman, Robin, and Superman were trying to stop the Crime Mobile, they sighted a meteor heading toward Gotham City. Superman managed to hurl it into the Mobile, instead. Batman was intrigued by it and took the meteor as a trophy for his Batcave. In recognition for their help, the Bankers' Association wanted to award the trio with a plaque next Tuesday in Metropolis. Khalex came up with a plan to use an actor, fake documents, and his technology to take over Gotham. Superman was lured by cries for help and was taken captive by Midge Martin's gang.

Superman was held captive in a cavern with Kryptonite. An imposter was convinced to take Superman's place. After the presentation ceremony, Superman felt weak and suddenly spun himself into a coccoon. Looms were built into the wall where the Superman imposter would stand. He would then trick Batman into taking him to the Batcave to destroy the meteor. The cover story was that destroying the meteor would reverse his condition. A civilian would appear with a piece of paper. He said while digging for Indian relics near Smallville years ago, he found a document written by Jor-El in Kryptonese. It revealed that by some unknown force, a Kryptonian would undergo strange bodily changes, lose his powers, gain new powers, and suffer memory loss. Superman would emerge as a green alien and emit lightning bolts, repell forces, fly, emit flames, was invulnerable, and could create destructive vibrations using gadgets given by Khalex.

Luckily, Superman heard an underground stream and used his X-Ray Vision to burn a hole to dump the Kryptonite in. Superman found the imposter and learned the truth. In order to lure Khalex into the open, Superman hurled the Galgolex meteor into space at an angle that would quickly fall back to Earth. Khalex' powers returned and he led Martin's gang on a bank robbery in downtown Gotham. When Khalex lost his powers again, Superman returned him to his planet and while Batman and Robin arrested Martin's gang. As a reward, Khalex' people gave a portrait of the police chief to hang in the Batcave. Years later, when Bat Mite was insulted by Batman's comments, he transported him to a distant planet and populated it with aliens and monsters. Batman was pursued by flying saucers piloted by aliens from the same race as Khalex. Batman commandeered one during the battle.

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