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Kanjar Ro
Kanjar Ro 2

Real Name

Kanjar Ro






Space Pirates

Abilities and Powers

Enhanced Physical Attributes, Strategist, and Weaponry

First Appearance

Rise of the Blue Beetle!

Voiced By

Marc Worden

“What am I saying? It’s going to kill you.”



Kanjar Ro is a power hungry space pirate operating on the backside of the Milky Way Galaxy. He often raids the village of Gibbles and uses the people as energy sources to power his fleet. Kanjar Ro's conquests was often opposed by the Blue Beetle. However, Kanjar Ro acquired a Gamma Gong and fatally killed the hero.

Rise of the Blue Beetle![]

While planning to attack the Mertha Quadrant, Kanjar Ro was overcome by the Gibbles, Batman and a new Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes). Fascinated by the change of hands, Kanjar Ro used the Gamma Gong to strip the Scarab from the Blue Beetle and use it for his own. A combined effort of Blue Beetle's wits and an empowered Gibble defeated Kanjar Ro.

The Super Batman of Planet X![]

Months later, Kanjar Ro agreed to sell weapon energizers to Matches Malone. However, he was wary of Malone's new partner, Doc Magnus. When Magnus tipped off Kanjar with a certain statement, Kanjar and his men drew their guns on the duo. However, the Metal Men sprang into action. He then took Magnus at gunpoint but Batman disarmed him with a Batarang. Kanjar Ro was knocked into Platinum's grasp and she squeezed him into defeat. Kanjar Ro and his men were arrested and hauled away.

Night of the Batmen![]

Kanjar Ro's latest scheme was to blow up a planet. Aquaman, Green Arrow, Captain Marvel, Batman, and Martian Manhunter opposed him and were able to prevent the disaster. Manhunter infiltrated his ship by disguising himself as one of the space pirates. On Batman's signal, Manhunter knocked out Kanjar Ro. However, the mission ultimately injured Batman and sidelined him temporarily.

Four Star Spectacular![]

On the anniversary of Adam Strange and Alanna, Kanjar Ro initiated his latest plot. He used the Energi-Rod to hijack the frequency of the Zeta Beam. With it, he would teleport the Negaton Bomb to Rann and vaporize all sentient life. The Rod would insulate him from the bomb's effects and Ro would then go on to conquer the universe. However, Adam Strange investigated and defeated Ro when a stray dog bit him. Rather than concede again, Ro activated the bomb. Strange used the Energi-Rod to teleport it and Ro to another planet. Ro deactivated the bomb but was eaten by a local beast.

Powers and Abilities[]

Kanjar Ro is a cunning strategist and relies on advanced alien weaponry. He carries an Energi-Rod that allows him to levitate and communicate through hyper-space.