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Real Name





New God


New Gods

Abilities and Powers

Enhanced Physical Attributes, Immortality, Impenetrable Skin, and Unarmed Combat

First Appearance

Darkseid Descending!

Voiced By

Michael Leon Wooley



Kalibak is the first son of Darkseid, ruler of Apokolips, and Suli. Often acting as Darkseid's second-in-command, he earned the nickname Kalibak the Cruel for his brutal fighting methods. His weapon of choice is the Beta Club, which also has the ability to manipulate the nervous system on impact and cause further pain. Kalibak is obsessed with killing his half-brother Orion but has failed many times over the years.

Kalibak discovered the Question gathering intelligence on Darkseid's latest plot, concerning Earth. He unleashed a pair of Demon Dogs on the hero then cornered him near a Fire Pit. While boasting that escaping to Earth would be a fate worse than death, the Question lept into the Pit. Two weeks later, Kalibak led the invasion to Earth, conquered Washington D.C., and easily defeated a new Justice League formed by Batman. He confiscated their weapons as war trophies and gloated, only to be outsmarted when the League escaped.

Powers and Abilities[]

Kalibak has vast strength and invulnerability, similar to that of Superman. He does not appear to possess Superman's other abilities, such as flight, heat vision, enhanced vision, and enhanced hearing. Nor has he shown indication of possessing Darkseid's ability to fire Omega Beams.

Kalibak has access to Apokolips technology, which includes military spaceships; "boom tubes" capable of transporting people and spaceships between dimensions and galaxies; super-advanced guns; and "Father Boxes". Father Boxes are advanced living computers programmed to enforce the will of Darkseid, powerful enough to generate personal boom tubes, yet small enough to be carried around like cell phones. As general of Darkseid's army, Kalibak also has access to Parademon stormtroopers for carrying out invasions and raids.


Kalibak is not especially intelligent or patient. In comics and other TV shows, he has rushed into fights where Darkseid wanted a more thought-out attack plan, or selected someone else to carry out a plan. Some of these sources also show Kalibak as having an inferiority complex and wanting to do something hard ("kill Superman", "secure the anti-life equation") so that Darkseid will accept him.