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Day of the Dark Knight!


Beings from the planet K'vell are small yellow creatures with no necks. When they interact with any type of liquid, they increase in size to gigantic proportions. One K'vellian was arrested by the Green Lantern Kilowog and escorted back to Oa. During transfer, the K'vellian and another Green Lantern Guy Gardner exchanged words. Gardner dumped his coffee on the Kvellian unaware of the results. The battle spilled into a Green Lantern Corps lounge. While the K'vellian was distracted with killing Gardner, Batman rigged a device to squeeze the liquid out of him. The K'vellian was reduced to normal size and recaptured.

It appears that the K'vellian escaped Oa but was later captured by Jonah Hex as part of his temporary pact with Mongul. In the final showdown, the K'vellian was one of the warrior prisoners freed who went after Mongul and Mongal.