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Justice Society of America

Base of Operations

JSA Headquarters

Team Leader(s)


Current Members

Doctor Mid-Nite, Flash (Jay Garrick), Hawkman (Carter Hall), Hourman, Wildcat, Green Lantern (Alan Scott), Mr. Terrific, Sandman

Former Members

Black Canary I


Batman, Black Canary, Justice League International


Per Degaton, Professor Zee, Starro, The Faceless Hunter, Society of Shadows

First Apperance

The Golden Age of Justice!


In the 1930's, a new breed of heroes began to emerge. They were costumed crime fighters that were dubbed the "Mystery Men." In November 1940, some of the most prominent of them formed the first super hero team of all time, the Justice Society of America. Their prime motivation was to help battle the Axis powers; such as helping stop the Nazi invasion of Britain or saving President Roosevelt's life.

During World War II, the JSA defeated Per Degaton before he could overtake the White House and were commissioned by the Allies to defeat Per Degaton again. They accepted and were shipped to Europe where Degaton established a beach head. Ultimately it was Black Canary who defeated Per Degaton by breaking his Spear of Destiny. The battle was caught on black and white film. The JSA continued for many decades, based in the JSA Headquarters. However, during an apartment fire, Black Canary lost her life. The remaining members personally trained Black Canary's daughter, their star pupil, and Batman. They constantly found they had room for improvement and became a surrogate family for the next generation heroes.

During the JSA Reunion event, an old enemy, Professor Zee infiltrated the JSA Vault and restored Per Degaton to this plane of reality. After surviving the destruction of the JSA Museum and Memorial, the JSA regrouped and went after the mad villain. Reduced to further old age, the JSA was all but beaten until the arrival of Black Canary and Wildcat. Their enemies were finally defeated once and for all, one turned into a frail, old man and the other, an infant. A short time later, the JSA were all taken over by clones of Starro. The Justice Society of America accepted an invitation by the Justice League International to attend a mixer at the Justice League Watchtower. They were disappointed at the League's roster and were hostile due to fear their traditions would be forgotten by the new generation. After a battle against Ra's al Ghul, the JSA was convinced their spirit would indeed live on in the JLI.