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Jukebox of Doom
Jukebox of Doom BTBATB 001

Real Name

Jukebox of Doom






Brotherhood of Evil

Abilities and Powers

Sound Manipulation

First Appearance

The Last Patrol!

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The Brotherhood of Evil concocted a plan to rid themselves of one of their rivals under the guise of a dummy corporation called Gimo Limited. From their moon base, the villains dispatched a madness-inducing mind-ray. They devised Blue Monkey idol trinkets based on the logo of their corporate rival, Cobra Syndicate. The Syndicate was the biggest industrial financial cartel in the world and had an extensive network of spies, as well. Their name was derived from the Three Families of the Syndicate: Coo, Bung, and Rann. The trinkets would be distributed to world famous men associated with various Cobra companies. Once activated, the men would go insane and go on psychopathic rampages. Once the link was discovered, the Cobra Syndicate would be financially ruined by fearful investors pulling out their funds.

One such man, Mr. Dodge, was recruited by the Cobra Music Corporation to create a giant model jukebox for an upcoming convention. When Dodge went insane, he activated the jukebox and turned it loose on the nearby city. Made of bulletproof material, the Jukebox of Doom rampaged unchecked and unleashed sound waves shattering everything near it. Negative Man destroyed it by dumping it in a river.

Powers and Abilities[]