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Joker Mobile






21st century

First Appearance

Game Over for Owlman!

“So should we take your car or mine?”


The Jokermobile was the official car of the Joker. It was first seen in the episode Game Over for Owlman where Joker and Batman trap Plastic Man inside as a diversion.

It is seen again in the teaser for Hail the Tornado Tyrant where Batman and Green Arrow are following Joker and Batman remarks that the only thing worse than taking down Joker is taking him down when he’s behind the wheel of a car.

In Death Race to Oblivion the Joker uses his car to race and do sports commentary at the same time.


The Joker Mobile had many party themed and gag weapons. It also had the Jokers infamous laugh programmed into it. The joker mobile could deploy popcorn seeds that would puff up to enormous sizes, squirt acid and even through giant smiling fish. The Joker Mobile also could deploy a large hot air balloon enabling the car to fly.


The fish that Joker’s car threw at the windshield of the Batmobile is the same fish from the Batman the Animated Series episode “The Laughing Fish”. The scene where the balloon on Joker’s car is popped and it ends on a giant statues sword might be a reference to a The Batman episode “The Bat in the Belfry” where Joker flies in a hot air balloon full of laughing gas and tries to pop it on the same statues sword.