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John Wilkes Boom
John Wilkes Booth

Real Name

John Wilkes Booth






Confederate Army

Abilities and Powers

Assassination and Armed Combat

First Appearance


Voiced By

Dee Bradley Baker.



John Wilkes Booth was born on May 10, 1838 in Bel Air, Maryland to a notable British Shakespearean actor, Junius Brutus Booth, and his mistress Mary Ann Holmes. Booth was the ninth of ten children and named after John Wilkes, a political radical. In school, Booth was popular and participated as a student athlete. However, he never took advantage of his skills to the fullest in the classroom. After encountering a gypsy, Booth learned he would live a grand but short life. After his father's death, he began to take in interest in theatre and politics. Booth joined the Arch Street Theatre in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he garnered a reputation as a handsome and enthusiastic but grand standing actor. However, like in school, Booth failed to reach his full potential. During the Civil War, Booth became an outspoken voice against abolition and Abraham Lincoln. On April 14, 1865, while picking up mail at the Ford Theathre, Booth learned Lincoln was in attendance. Booth was well known by the theatre staff and allowed access to most places. He used this to his advantage and assassinated President Lincoln. Booth fled to Virginia where he was fatally wounded in the neck.

In Parallel Universe Earth-5501, Booth became a Confederate Cyborg. As his counterpart, Booth attempted to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln. He was stopped by a Multiverse-hopping Batman. Knocked on stage, Booth abandoned formalities and activated his steam powered suit. Batman and President Lincoln teamed up to take down Booth. Luckily, Booth exposed his own weakness - a valve on his backside. When Lincoln and Batman overloaded it, the suit exploded and Booth was defeated.

Powers and Abilities

Booth's armor grants him vast (but limited) physical strength and the use of weapons such as gatling guns and cannons. The suit is powered by an exhaust valve on his back, which was destroyed by Batman's batarang and Lincoln's axe. Before his robotic suit is activated, he is shown wielding a pistol and dual wrist-mounted knives.



  • On the twisted world of Earth-23, it was President John Wilkes Booth who was felled by the assassin Abraham Lincoln. Given the nature of the multiverse, it seems possible that somewhere else, Owlman went back in time to save Booth from Cyborg Lincoln.