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Jimmy Olsen
Jimmy Olsen

Real Name

Jimmy Olsen






Daily Planet

Abilities and Powers


First Appearance

Battle of the Super-Heroes!

Voiced By

Alexander Polinsky



Jimmy Olsen started at the Daily Planet as a photographer. He began working alongside his two favorite co-workers, Lois Lane and Clark Kent. Despite Lane's reputation as a daredevil reporter, Olsen was the only photographer that continued to work with her. Like clockwork, Superman began to save Olsen from a range of embarrassing to life threatening events. Eventually, he invented a signal watch to help alert Superman and get himself out of a bind.

Olsen idolized Superman and often tried to learn Superman's secret identity in vain. His curiosity often gets the better of him. He once found a strange chest on the beach and found a growth ray inside it. He accidentally hit a turtle with it but the turtle acted as a filter. They filtered ray struck Olsen and turned him into the Giant Turtle Man. Now influenced by Goxo, an Atlantean criminal who invented the ray, Olsen went on a rampage. He was returned to normal by Superman.

In a baseball game between the Justice League International and Legion of Doom, Olsen volunteered as the announcer. In recent times, Olsen was an unwitting pawn of Lex Luthor. Olsen received a new signal watch from a secret admirer, who was Luthor. It contained some Red Kryptonite and helped turn Superman into an egomaniac.

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