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Jarvis Kord
Jarvis Kord

Real Name

Jarvis Kord






Kord Industries

Abilities and Powers


First Appearance

Fall of the Blue Beetle!

Voiced By

Tim Matheson

"Mankind will floursish as I proceed to eliminate every...!"


"It's a small price"

Jarvis Kord and Batman


Jarvis Kord is the uncle of Ted Kord and a robotics expert. However, Kord was always mentally unstable and dreamed of asserting power over Hub City. When Ted Kord loaned the Blue Beetle Scarab to him to activate it, Kord took advantage of the situation. He constructed an army of super androids and planned to launch it into Hub City with a rocket. In the battle, Kord got away but his nephew made the ultimate sacrifice and gave his life to save the city.

Kord relocated to an island in the Great Lakes for two years. With a cloaking screen in place, he was undisturbed for two years. He constructed a utopian city and army of drones but he still needed the Scarab to power them. With a stroke of luck, the latest Blue Beetle found the island. Kord posed as Ted and convinced Beetle that he had a grand vision for bringing peace and prosperity to the world. In reality, Kord wanted absolute power and to take over the world in order to spread peace. Batman and Blue Beetle stopped Kord and destroyed the island but also presumably send Kord to the most dangerous cells in all of Blackgate Prison.

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