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JSA Headquarters


Civic City




21st century

First Appearance

The Golden Age of Justice!


The Justice Society of America established their own base of operations, the JSA headquarters in a multi-level mansion in Civic City. It was nicknamed the JSA Brownstone. Headquarters eventually moved to Gotham City. The ground floor is open to the public and houses the Justice Society of America Museum and Memorial, a display of the superhero team's legacy. Within the Museum is the JSA Vault, a trophy room of weapons and other powerful objects confiscated by the JSA over the decades. It is locked and requires a numerical password for entry. In the main hall hangs portraits of the JSA and even their pupils such as Batman. The second Black Canary and Batman received lessons from the JSA in a state of the art training facility.

In the present, the surviving members of the team gathered at JSA Headquarters for a special event, the JSA Reunion. Batman and Black Canary attended, as well. During the festivities, an old enemy, Professor Zee snuck in and broke into the JSA Vault where he recorporealized Per Degaton . After an unsuccessful battle, the JSA Museum and Vault lay in ruins. Undaunted, everyone survived, regrouped at the medical ward, and went to work to tracking down the mad villain.