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Injustice Syndicate

Base of Operations


Team Leader(s)


Current Members

Owlman, Blue Bowman, Dyna-Mite, Scarlet Scarab, Barracuda, Rubber Man, Blaze

Former Members

Silver Cyclone, Parallel Earth B'Wana Beast, Parallel Earth Wildcat




Justice Underground

First Appearance

Deep Cover for Batman!

The heroes aren't coming.

- Injustice Syndicate Member


The Injustice Syndicate was an organization of super villains from a parallel universe . Relative to our universe, they are evil doppelgängers of the Justice League of America. The Injustice Syndicate consists of at least ten loosely affiliated super villains who committed basic robberies. They became bored with breaking and entering and decided to implement world conquest. Their only opposition was the band of heroes led by the Red Hood. A final stand took place atop Owlman's Eyrie of Evil . The Syndicate easily won but the rebellion's leader, Red Hood, escaped.

The core group consisting of Owlman, Blue Bowman, Scarlet Scarab, and Silver Cyclone tracked down Red Hood and discovered his plan to enlist allies in parallel Earths. After stealing Red Hood's phase oscillator, they decided conquest of their Earth was just the beginning. Every Earth would be under their control. If a planet wouldn't submit, Silver Cyclone would destroy it with one of his bombs as a warning to the others. The Syndicate was infiltrated by the Batman. This Batman soon facilitated the Red Hood's release and a rematch between the Syndicate and its enemies. The Syndicate was imprisoned in their own detention facility.