Real Name

Tora Olafsdotter






Justice League International Fire

Abilities and Powers


First Appearance

Darkseid Descending!

Voiced By

Jennifer Hale

"The Greeks must be stopped!"



Ice aka Tora Olafsdotter is the daughter of the king of the Ice people who secretly lived in Norway. Olafsdotter's mother is allegedly famous for her peanut butter and sardine smoothies. An engineer named Rod Schoendienst accidentally discovered the Ice people and in an odd turn of events made a pact with the king to take Olafsdotter to explore the outside world. She took on the codename Ice and became close friends with Fire. Ice's innocent personality gives way to a certain naivete. From her friendship with Fire, Ice knows some of the Portuguese language.

Ice was later recruited to join Batman's new Justice League. She resisted Booster Gold's flirtations and mistook the Apokoliptians for evil Greeks from the Acropolis. Martian Manhunter formulated a strategy that first began with a defensive team of Ice and Booster Gold. They would lay down cover fire for the others. However, the plan fell apart and the team had to improvise. Everyone but Batman and Question participated in destroying the Boom Tube Generator. She has a crush on Aquaman but appears to be unaware he is married.

Powers and Abilities

Her power is the ability to manipulate ice, and she can freeze her foes instantly.


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