Huntress with her crossbow

Real Name

Helena Bertinelli






Birds of Prey, Bat Family

Abilities and Powers

Martial Arts and Above Average Physical Attributes

First Appearance

Night of the Huntress!

Voiced By

Tara Strong

"Careful kid, these boots were made for squashing...bugs"



The Huntress and Batman share a common past: both children orphaned when their parents were violently killed leading them to take on costumed identities and bring justice To Gotham's criminal underworld. However, the Huntress came from a much different background. Helena Bertinelli was born into Gotham City under a leading family in the Mafioso. In what came to be known as the Palm Sunday Massacre, Helena's family was assassinated. She fled to Sicily where she was trained under her cousin and then returned to Gotham.

As the Huntress, Helena's extreme vigilantism crossed the line and put her at odds with Batman, whom she openly flirts with. Bertinelli took on a career at Gotham University as a professor, most likely as the perfect alibi to cover for her alter-ego. Months later, Huntress was attacked by Faceless Hunter and turned with a Starro clone. She was returned to Gotham University to infect students and faculty with clones. After the invasion, she teamed up with Black Canary to capture Two-Face while he tried to steal the famed Cloak of Nefertiti. However, after that failed, she, Canary, Catwoman, and Batman infiltrated a mobster summit to try again to arrest Two-Face. Things took a turn for the strange when Batman believed he was Matches Malone and took over all of organized crime. Like Batman, Huntress has no superpowers, but prefers to use hand to hand combat and a crossbow against her enemies.

Physical Appearance

The Huntress is a stunning & beautiful woman with peach skin, long black hair, and purple eyes. Her costume includes a light purple leotard with a dark purple line down the middle and a reveal window for her cleavage, a purple detachable cape, long purple gloves, long purple high heel boots, a yellow & black belt with purple pouches on the side, and of course a purple pointed mask.

Powers and Abilities

Like Batman, Huntress has no superpowers, but prefers to use hand-to-hand combat and a crossbow against her enemies.



  • In certain versions of Batman comics outside of this series, The Huntress is Helena Wayne, daughter of Batman and a reformed Catwoman. These continuities typically involve her being trained by her adopted brother Dick Grayson, and Batman having been a hero since the Second World War, as a member of the Justice Society of America. Helena most often takes up the mantle of hero to avenge her mother, killed by former criminal associates. Just as Batgirl is often best friends with Supergirl in their world, Helena is best friends and partners with Power Girl.
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