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Rise of the Blue Beetle

“You are one impressive Human”


Humans were one of the prominent species in the galaxy and the dominant species on the Planet Earth. Most humans possessed two legs and two arms. The males were usually 6 feet tall (183 cm) while the females were usually 5’8 (173 cm). Some humans had abnormalities such as facial and body disfigurement (Joker), flight (Hal Jordan), super speed (Flash (Jay Garrick)) or the ability to shape-shift (Plastic Man). However, these abnormalities were limited to an extremely small percentage of the human population.

The human race was not completely united as a race is on some planets. Instead the Earth was divided into many smaller nations who governed themselves. Humans rarely travelled off world, some notable exceptions were the Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Dr. Fate and Batman.

Earth A.D.[]

The Last Bat on Earth[]

After the onslaught of nuclear devastation later named the Great Disaster, animals began to evolve into humanoids and dominated the planet. Humans de-evolved and abandoned culture and society. They were a lesser in intelligence and rounded up by Animal Men as slaves and treated with intolerance. A majority of them are allowed to thrive in former Mexico, now called the Wild Human Preserve. Kamandi assumed the role of saving the remaining humans and often made raids to free them. After he, Batman, Dr. Canus, and Prince Tuftan defeated Gorilla Grodd and the Ape Men, Great Caesar decreed that all of their human slaves were to be freed.