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Real Name

Rex Tyler






Justice Society of America

Abilities and Powers

Limited Enhanced Physical Attributes

First Appearance

The Golden Age of Justice!

Voiced By

Lex Lang

Hourman in WII

Hourman in WWII.

"A two ton tank is no match for the might Hourman."



Born and raised in New York, Rex Tyler developed in interest in chemistry and later, biochemistry. In the late 1930's, he began working for the Bannermain Chemical Company in vitamin and hormone research. Tyler created a new steroid that he named "Miraclo." He discovered that it enhanced his physical attributes for only one hour at a time. Tyler became an over night millionaire and pharmaceutical magnate. He began to see the evil and corruption of society and decided to make a difference for the common good. With these pills, he became the Man of the Hour and later, Hourman. He then joined the Justice Society of America. It appears that he was the one who taught Batman to use good one-liners in battle.

Hourman and the entire Justice Society were attacked by Faceless Hunter and implanted with Starro clones.

Hourman fought against Per Degaton alongside his fellow Justice Society of America members in WWII. He is seen in the news reel smashing tanks before Black Canary takes down Degaton. He is also shown to be one of Batman and the new Black Canary's mentors. Later in the episode, he and the other Justice Society members are at a reunion when Professor Zee breaks in and steals the Spear of Destiny and frees Degaton. Although the members try there best to stop Degaton, they are defeated, clearly showing that age has taken it's toll on the heroes. Batman and the others go to stop Degaton's evil crusade and when Batman uses the Spear of Destiny to turn the heroes back to there young WWII age selves they gain the upper hand.

Powers and Abilities[]

When he takes the Miraclo, Hourman gains the following superpowers:

  • Super Strength
  • Limited Invulnerability
  • Super Leaping
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Superhuman Agility and Reflexes


Hourman's powers only last for one hour.

Personality and Traits[]

Hourman, being one of Batman's mentors is shown to be the one who inspired him to 'hit em with a good one liner' even doing a few himself. Also, like all the other justice society members he still treats Batman like his old pupil and Black Canary like a 'Ming Vase'.



  • Hourman's powers are activated by turning an hourglass instead on inserted through the skin due to their similarities with drugs.