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Heat Wave
Heat Wave BTBATB 001

Real Name

Mick Rory






The Rogues

Abilities and Powers


First Appearance

Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster!

Voiced By

Steven Blum



While on a school field trip to a meat packing factory, young Mick Rory was locked in an industrial freezer. Rory cried and cried, until no one responded Rory thawed his hands out long enough to pick the freezer's lock and escape. Afterwards, Rory was plagued with cryophobia, a fear of the cold, and became obsessed with heat. Rory's pyromania led to accidents and deaths.

As an adult, Rory started a criminal career in Central City with a self-designed Heat Gun and insulated suit. The gun, much to its namesake, can generate extremely focused high temperature flames, while the suit is insulated with thermal dampening and heat resistant material. Calling himself "Heat Wave," Rory went on a crime spree until he crossed paths with the Flash. He then joined the Rogues, a group of villains opposed to the Flash.

Two years after the Flash was kidnapped by Professor Zoom, Heat Wave teamed up with Captain Cold and Weather Wizard to rob a First Bank branch near the Flash Museum. When Batman arrived, he and the others had contempt for his lack of style compared to their late enemy. During the battle, Heat Wave melted a bronze statue of the Flash. Due to the effect of time travel, it seems this battle was erased from the timeline. Batman, the first Flash, and Kid Flash returned to the present with the Flash, Heat Wave and company were brought to tears but openly denied their affections. The second Flash went back to work and took down the villains.

Powers and Abilities[]