Batman: the Brave and the Bold Wiki

Real Name

Carter Hall






Justice Society of America

Abilities and Powers

Flight, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Vision, and Armed Combat

First Appearance

The Golden Age of Justice!

Voiced By

William Katt

"Looks like we have to finish the job we started years ago."



In Ancient Egypt, Prince Khufu was locked in a blood feud with his rival Hath-set. Hath-set succeeded in capturing Khufu and his lover Chay-Ara and killed the both of them. Thousands of years later, Khufu was reincarnated as Carter Hall, who became an archaeologist. In a dream, Hall learns of his past and meets Shiera Sanders, his reincarnated lover. After finding archaic knife, Hall realizes that his rival Hat-set was reincarnated as a scientist named Anton Hastor.

Using pieces of Nth metal from the Egyptian dig site, Hall created a special belt that gave him the power of flight. He then crafted a costume and called himself Hawkman and confronted Hastor.

Hawkman went on to become chairman of the Justice Society of America. He helped train Batman and Black Canary. Years later, Hawkman reunited with his team for a public event only to face a resurrected Per Degaton. After beating him, Hawkman was later attacked by Faceless Hunter and implanted with a Starro clone.


Hawkman in WWII.

Powers and Abilities[]

Hawkman posses no superhuman powers, but the Nth metal in his uniform grants him the following abilities:

  • Flight
  • Superhuman Strength and Endurance
  • Telescopic Vision
  • Accelerated Healing

The only ability he does not gain the metal is the ability to speak and understand the language of birds.