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Green Lantern Corps

Base of Operations


Team Leader(s)

Guardians of the Universe

Current Members

Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner

Former Members



Batman, Black Canary, Justice League International


The Reach, Despero, Starro, Qwardians , Controllers

First Apperance

Day of the Dark Knight!

"I won't let you use the corps against the rest of the universe!"


The ancient Guardians of the Universe use the Green Lanterns like policemen to keep order across the universe. Each Lantern is given a power ring which receives its energy from a central power battery on the Guardians' home world of Oa.

For thousands of years the Guardians have been the protectors of peace and justice, defending the universe from ancient threats such as the Reach. More recently the Guardians went up against the Star Conquerer himself. Starro had taken control of several Lanterns, and despite the best efforts of Lanterns Guy Gardner and Kilowog, Starro managed to gain control of the Guardians. Luckily, they were all freed from his control when Starro was defeated by Batman, Captain Marvel and Firestorm.

Notable Members[]

Other Members[]


The Green Lanterns also have a sacred oath which they recite to power their rings.

"In Brightest Day in Blackest Night"

"No evil shall escape my sight"

"Let those who worship evils might"

"Beware my power Green Lanterns Light"''