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Green Lantern

Real Name

Harold "Hal" Jordan






Green Lantern Corps, Justice League

Abilities and Powers

Power Ring

First Appearance

The Eyes of Despero!

Voiced By

Loren Lester

“In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil will escape my sight!”



Test pilot Hal Jordan was on a test drive when a space craft crashed to the ground, a wave of green energy appeared bringing him to a dying Lantern who passed his ring down to him as the Lantern told his ring to find his successor.The ring chose Hal Jordan which transformed Hal into a Green Lantern. Hal thus devoted his life to protect the universe as the Green Lantern of Sector 2814.

Hal Jordan is one of the Green Lantern Corps' most powerful members. He was seen in the episode “The Eye of Despero” where he is shown leading the Green Lanterns into battle against the evil Despero. When his fellow lanterns fall victim to Despero’s mind control Hal traps himself and his fellow corps members inside his ring and sends it to Batman for safe keeping. At the end of the episode he is freed along with his fellow lanterns and gives his thanks to Batman.

Hal Jordan appears again in the episode Aquamans Outrageous Adventure where he briefly fight Dr. Polaris. Hal's later appearance is in the two part Starro episode where he and the other lanterns are under Starro's control. After being freed, they quickly construct a massive cannon to take down the Star Beast only to be drained of there powers as the cannon proves ineffective. Afterwards, Hal is seen at B'Wana Beast's funeral alongside his fellow lantern allies.


Hal Jordan was considered one of the greatest Lanterns of his era. He showed impressive willpower being able to create missiles and trap his fellow lanterns inside his ring. Hal Jordan has also been shown to be quite fearless in many things; not even showing fear of crashing during test drive on one of batman's vehicle prototypes.

Powers and Abilities[]

Hal has no natural superpowers; but his ring can create objects out of energy, fire energy beams, project force fields, and allow it's wearer to fly. The only limits it has are those of the user's imagination. Hal is shown to be one of the most talented Green Lanterns being able to take on the entire corps and win.


Hal's ring has no effect on the color yellow although the yellow impurity may have been removed from the Green Lantern's main power battery by the time he appears in the show. It also has to be recharged every 24 hours.



  • Hal Jordan is most afraid of losing Carol.