Great Caesar
Great Caesar

Real Name



Earth A.D.


Tiger Men


Tiger Empire

Abilities and Powers

Enhanced Senses, Leadership, and Charisma

First Appearance

Last Bat on Earth

Voiced By

Peter Woodward


Prince Tuftan (son)



Great Caesar is Emperor of the Tiger Men and one of the top leaders of Earth in the future. It is unknown if this is his real name or a title bestowed on the Emperor. Nonetheless, Caesar commands a never ending war against the Ape People as the Tiger Empire expands west across the former United States of America. He is advocated prejudice against the wild humans and regards them as inferior to his race. However, Caesar was unaware that his son, Tuftan, held an opposite opinion and felt all species should have rights.

Ignoring the warning of Batman, Great Caesar was captured by the Ape People and forced to be a slave for Gorilla Grodd. He was amazed when Batman and Kamandi came to his aid and defeated the Apes. Ashamed of his past views, Caesar thanking Batman and Kamandi, apologized to Tuftan, and declared an end to slavery.


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