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Governor Warner

Real Name

Governor J. Warner


Bat-Manga Universe





Abilities and Powers

Telepathy, Telekinesis, Psychokinetic Wall Projection, Teleportation, Force Field Generation, and Laser Emission

First Appearance

Bat-Mite Presents: Batman's Strangest Cases!

Voiced By




In the Bat-Manga universe, J. Warner is the governor of the state that Gotham City resides in. He and Bruce Wayne attended the same college and were friends. Warner went on to become governor and had a daughter he named Liz. Years later, a mutation developed in his pituitary gland. His mutation induced him to sleep walk and break into the Nuclear Power Research Lab to expedite his transformation into a superior being. Governor Warner was awoken and told the tragic news. Instead of opting for surgery, he agreed to let the mutation happen so scientists could observe the next stage of human evolution. A week later, he asked Batman to kill him the moment he had a chance and let a team of scientists mutate him. The mutant system then changed the structure of Warner's body and resulted in several superpowers.

Batman couldn't bring himself to take a life and spared Warner. Warner decided it was his mission to destroy mankind and keep the planet's animals as slaves. He then kidnapped Liz Warner to ensure her mutation and fled to the Nuclear Power Research Lab. After careful observation, Batman deduced Warner's mental powers are guided by different colors of light. The Law of Photo-Physics dictate that a high-powered beam shot through a gold filter would produce a green light that would kill Warner and cure his daughter of the mutant system. The device worked and Warner died. He was given a hero's burial in space.