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Gotham City


United States of America




21st century

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Dawn of the Dead Man!

"Gotham city is a source of art and up!"


The filthy crime ridden city is also home to the worlds greatest detective Batman himself. The most commonly cited history is that, a Norwegian mercenary founded Gotham City somewhere in New Jersey around the 1600's and the British later took it over—a story that parallels the founding of New York by the Dutch (as New Amsterdam) and later takeover by the British. During the American Revolutionary War, Gotham City was the site of a major battle (paralleling the Battle of Brooklyn and the Battle of Long Island in the American Revolution). During the later Civil War era, it was a sanctuary for runaway slaves. Gotham also became infamous for the occult. Over time the city deteriorated and became home for the gangs and criminals.

In the 20th century, Gotham's architecture became exaggerated with Art Deco and Nouveau styles. It quickly became a dark and foreboding place, notorious for corruption and all forms of urban decay. This came about as it rapidly developed into a crucial economic bloodline for the United States. Finance, Manufacturing and Shipping are three major businesses present. Its most famous corporation is Wayne Enterprises, which specializes in industry and technological research and development.

Apparently, several Justice Society of America members also made their home their including the legendary boxer Wildcat and his protege Batman. Several notable families also took up residence in Gotham including the Maldoffs, Waynes, and Moxons who are, for better or worse had some effect on the city.


In Batman the Brave and the Bold', Gotham is shown to be located on the eastern side of the United States just south of Brick City and north of Blüdhaven and Steel City.


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