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General Kreegar

Current Members

Various members


Citadel, Warlords of Okaara



First Appearance

Mystery in Space!


The Gordanians are a race of intergalactic slavers from the Vega star system. They are allies with warrior races such as the Citadel and the Warlords of Okaara. However, they are in constant battle with the Tamaraneans. Years before the Citadel War, the Citadelians made a pact with the pacifists of Changralyn. In exchange for protection from invaders, the Citadelians would receive a portion of the Changralyn newborn infants. Once per Changralynian mating season, a squad of Gordanians would arrive on the planet to collect the who were raised as slaves of the Citadel. It is said that one Changralynian named Charis-Nar rebelled against the treaty and slaughtered several Gordanians who attempted to enslave his son.

The Gordanians own advanced technology that runs on thermal energy and are skilled in tracking and hunting. Much like reptiles of Earth, the Gordanians are cold-blooded and as tend to live in environments with high humidity levels. The Gordanians tend to use small ships for their trade. The slave ships include a three man crew and are equipped with a prison hold for the transport of new slaves. The ships are capable of atmospheric travel and short-range interstellar capabilities.

The planet Rann has often escaped their grasp thanks in part to Adam Strange's interference. Led by General Kreegaar , the Gordanians implemented Battle Tripods and unearthed an ancient doomsday device called the Eye of Zared. The Rannians were on the verge of defeat but Aquaman came up with a brilliant strategy. An improvised eclipse would weaken the Eye. The plan came to fruition. Kreegaar was stranded in the Eye when it exploded. The remaining Gordanian forces surrendered and opened up to peace talks.

One Gordanian trooper was successfully captured by Jonah Hex and teleported to War World to compete in the Battle Arena. Despite his heritage, the Gordanian was easily beaten multiple times by Steppenwolf, the current champion. He was later freed by Batman and Hex.