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General Zahl
General Zahl BTBATB 001

Real Name

General Zahl






Axis Powers

Abilities and Powers

Strategy, Military Training, and Armed Combat

First Appearance

The Last Patrol!

Voiced By

Corey Burton

General Zahl (Also Known as Captain Zahl) is a Nazi U-boat, he was an enemy of the Doom Patrol



During World War II, Captain Zahl served the German Navy and commanded a U-Boat. Zahl's ship was crippled by Anti-U-Boat Bombs developed by Dr. Niles Caulder. He was forced to wear a neck brace for the rest of his life. After the war ended, a commission declared him dead. Zahl took the title of General on his own accord and operated as a mercenary. As an enemy of the Doom Patrol, Zahl was known as a super terrorist and developed brilliant yet brutal strategies.

During a bid to take over France, General Zahl had nearly taken half the country when the Patrol arrived. Rather than surrender, Zahl took a woman hostage and held her at gunpoint. The Doom Patrol was unwilling to let him escape and take more lives in the future. At the cost of killing a civilian, Zahl was defeated and arrested. For years, Zahl's hatred of the Doom Patrol grew. He believed them to be frauds and cowards who fed off the adoration of the masses and planned for the day he would prove their true colors to the world. Zahl gathered several other villains of the Patrol's Rogues Gallery and set about bringing them out of retirement. General Zahl then captured them, neutralized their abilities, and set them on an island rigged to explode. The nearby Codsville was also rigged. Zahl then broadcast the showdown to the world and made the Doom Patrol choose between their lives or the 14 people living in Codsville. The Doom Patrol chose to save Codsville. Batman attempted to stop Zahl but he hit the real detonator in his hat and killed the heroes. The world was witness and loved them even more. Zahl was broken that even in death, the Doom Patrol beat him. He was arrested and taken away.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Military Protocol:
  • Seamanship:
  • Tactical Analysis:
  • Firearms: