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Gas Gang
Gas Gang BTBATB 001

Base of Operations

Magnus Laboratories

Team Leader(s)


Current Members

Oxygen, Hydrogen, Chloroform, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen

Former Members



Doc Magnus


Metal Men

First Apperance

Clash of the Metal Men!

"Gas again."


The Gas Gang are a super-villain team of gas-like beings. Ten years ago, Doc Magnus founded the Magnus Laboratories to research cutting edge science and make the world a better place. He recruited the best and brightest scientists to help him make his dream a reality. These five men and one woman only desired to make a profit off of science. Without Magnus' knowledge, they used the lab for their own purpose. They created a unique hybridized gas designed to trigger volcanic eruptions. The six would then sell the gas to despots and dictators.

However, their experiment backfired and all six turned into living gaseous specters. A decade later, they took temporary forms and kidnapped Magnus. At a volcano-based facility, they guilted Magnus into creating new bodies for them, uninterested in having Magnus reverse the process. Batman tracked them with his scanners since Nitrogen has an extended half-life. In their new forms, they perfected the gas. As the Metal Men and Batman broke free of an energy grid cage, the six scientists debuted in their new forms, the Gas Gang. Instead of being name after a specific metal, the Gas Gang are each named after a type of gas; Oxygen, Helium, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Chloroform, and Carbon Dioxide. Oxygen was built from an oxygen tank, Nitrogen from a dry ice crystal, Chloroform from a perforated tank, Helium from a rubber container, Carbon Dioxide from a Bunsen Burner, and Hydrogen from a garbage can.

They were easily defeated when the Metal Men combined forces with Batman. However, the Gas Gang then combined into one form and destroyed the Metal Men. Batman used his quick thinking and realized together, the Gang was much more flammable and tossed one of his fire capsules at them. To compound matters, they then reformed into a deadly gas cloud that could turn anything it passed through into gas. They set out to destroy the world. Batman followed in his Batplane. Once close enough, he calibrated his engine's sub-atomic drive for self-destruct mode. In theory, the explosion would ionize the Gas Gang's gas particles and render the cloud ineffectual. Batman's gamble worked and the Gas Gang was dispersed.