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G.I. Robot
G.I. Robot

Real Name

J.A.K.E. (Jungle Automatic Killer-Experiment)






Easy Company

Abilities and Powers

Enhanced Physical Attributes and Military Warfare

First Appearance

Plague of the Prototypes!

Voiced By

James Arnold Taylor



G.I. Robot During World War II, both sides were in constant search of the edge over each other. While the atomic bomb was the most infamous product of this arms race, the Nazi Party was known for occult practices, and the Americans searched for a way to create super soldiers. A group of scientists created J.A.K.E. (Jungle Automatic Killer-Experiment) and nicknamed it G.I. Robot. US Marine Corps Sergeant Coker was assigned to test the prototype in the field. If the missions in the Pacific theater it served in were successful, the robot would be mass produced to fill an army corps. G.I. Robot fulfilled its programming and surprisingly developed something of a basic human consciousness.

G.I. Robot was attached to Easy Company and assisted in their assignment to liberate France. On D-Day, G.I. was dispatched by Sergeant Rock to take down a troublesome concrete bunker. Before the company could proceed to drain the nearby swamp, a soldier stepped on a landmine. After Batman tackled the soldier away, G.I. leapt on the mine and took the brunt of the blast. The company took a moment of silence to honor G.I. Robot's sacrifice and redouble their efforts.