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Real Name

G'nort Esplanade G'neesmacher






Green Lantern Corps

Abilities and Powers

Power Ring

First Appearance

The Eyes of Despero!

Voiced By

Alexander Polinsky

“Stand down Pozer!”



G'Nort Esplanade G'neeshmacher is the son of G'nelson and G'nancy of the planet G'newt. From time to time, a rumor surfaced that G'Nort was actually the son of the Green Lantern G'newmann G'noggs and the G'neeshmacher's were bribed into raising the child until his 21st birthday. Among his peers and teachers, G'Nort was considered below average in intelligence. Most of the time, he was thinking about stories he heard about the Green Lantern. For some time, G'Nort left home and wandered the planet to find his destiny.

G'Nort's uncle held influence with the Guardians of the Universe and made sure G'Nort was recruited to be a Green Lantern. However, he received his power ring from Poglachians, an alien race who posed as the Guardians of the Universe. The Paglachian and Weaponers of Qward conspired together to supply incompetent beings with Green Lantern power rings to humiliate the Green Lantern Corps. After the scheme was undone, Guy Gardner nominated G'Nort the Corps. He was assigned to Space Sector x-52 67-2.2, which was only populated with harmless amoeba.

Just in case, G'Nort wrote down the Green Lantern's Oath on his left wrist and over time begain to believe in his own incompetence. While delivering rations to Guy Gardner and Sinestro, G'Nort locked himself in the sciencell by accident. The three avoided an encounter with Despero and were freed by Batman. The four raced to stop Despero. Batman charged G'Nort with the most important part of their plan, drain Mogo's Power Battery and effectively take away Despero's weapon. After the victory, Batman acknowledged G'Nort as the real hero among this Green Lantern peers.

Powers and Abilities[]