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Fun Haus
Fun Haus

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First Appearance

Invasion of the Secret Santas!

Voiced By

Gary Anthony Williams

“Gee, that won’t give kids nightmares now will it?”



An egotistical artist turned to crime and converted his creations into weapons. As Fun Haus, he turned to a life of crime and amassed a conviction record that included felony, robbery, assault, jay walking, and parole violation. Fun Haus' trademark is to conceal dangerous weaponry in the guise of innocent looking toys.

During one Christmas holiday season, Fun Haus created the Presto Playpal action figure. It quickly become the most popular and sought after toy among children. The action figures were all part of Fun Haus' latest plan. On Christmas morning, the figures would activate and steal everything in sight. Unable to resist, Fun Haus used a likeness of his mask as the logo of the company that created the figures. Since it would be a matter of time until Batman discovered this, Fun Haus also dedicated a large part of his plan to distract Batman. He enforced an armada of Neptunian flying saucers made of plastic, exploding dolls, and Santa robots. It was not enough. On Christmas day, Batman and Red Tornado confronted and defeated Fun Haus. He was arrested on the scene and sentenced to Blackgate Prison and Iron Heights.

Powers and Abilities[]

Fun Haus does not have any powers. Instead, he uses deadly, advanced toys to fight his enemies.



  • Despite not having a direct comic book counterpart or a revealed identity, he is likely (or at least based on) Jack Nimball who served as the second Toyman (later revealed to be a toy android created by the original Toyman), sharing both Jack's costume and toy themes.