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Flying Island


Pacific Ocean




21st century

First Appearance

Sidekicks Assemble!


20 miles offshore of Coast City, there are two uninhabited islands. In recent times, Ra's al Ghul secretly developed one and hollowed the inside and made it into his latest headquarters. The bottom of the island was outfitted with four thrusters making it flight-worthy. Directly below the control room is a death trap, in case of super hero intervention. The control room itself has the main steering controls and the Chlorocannon. Also hidden inside the island is a stock pile of 1000 gallons of chloroplast to be used as a last resort measure in coordination with a payload of explosives. The Watchtower managed to detect both an abnormal increase in solar cell activity and seismic shifts near the islands.

Batman, Aquaman, and Green Arrow searched the decoy island while Robin, Aqualad, and Speedy arrived on the one Ra's outfitted. After capturing them, he took off to attack Coast City with his Chlorocannon. After Robin's team shut off the Chlorocannon, Ra's activated the self-destruct protocol and escaped. Green Arrow and Aquaman then worked together to tow the island, with Batmobile grapples and whales, back out to sea where it safely detonated. The chloroplast helped restore sea life off the coast of Coast City in the aftermath.