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Flower Children
Flower Children 0.5

Base of Operations

Gotham City

Team Leader(s)

Poison Ivy

Current Members

Various Members

Former Members

Black Orchid





First Appearance

The Mask of Matches Malone!


When Batman was captured, two henchwomen brought him to Poison Ivy. When she ordered to kill Batman, two Flower Children took Batman to Georgia, big flower-eater. Suddenly, Poison Ivy became surprised when she knew that one of her henchwomen is a super-heroine Black Orchid, who was working with Batman. In anger, Poison Ivy ordered Flower Children to kill Black Orchid. During the battle, the other two henchwomen hurled Batman into the mouth of Georgia, but it was blown up by Batman's grenade. Then he jumped out and punched them. The other Flower Children shot at the Black Orchid with plant guns that transformed into roots, but their attack failed and they were defeated.


All Flower Children are women. They are wearing in green clothes with bikini briefs, which look like grass. Some of them are wearing flowers also. All Flower Children have different styles of hair and different colors.

Powers and Abilities

  • Root spears
  • Spore guns