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Flash Museum


Central City




21st century

First Appearance

Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster!


The Flash Museum was founded to honor the career and service of the second Flash (Barry Allen)after his death while pursuing Professor Zoom. A giant bronze statue of Flash stands on the path to its entrance. It is located near a branch of the First Bank in Central City. As the years went on, it became a repository of items related to the Flash's cases, battles, and other memorabelia. Some were replica items and others were real weapons on display. The most famous item is the Cosmic Treadmill, a device invented by the Flash when he needed to time travel. Another display is a poster from a Race Around the World charity event between the first and second Flash.

Two years after his death, the Flash's statue was melted and hardened in a battle between Batman and Captain Cold, Weather Wizard, and Heat Wave. After Batman saw the alleged ghost of Barry Allen, he summoned the first Flash (Jay Garrick) , and Kid Flash to the Museum to use the Treadmill.