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"I'm sorry, but thats not my Batman!"



The fan boys at Comic Con were a group of extremely loyal and Batman obsessed fans who often dressed up as Batman. Coming from all walks of life the, many fan boys (feminine term being: fan girl) attended the 257th annual comic book, science fiction, fantasy, horror, animation, anime, gaming, action figure, vintage toy, collectable card game, pop culture, & tiddlywinks convention.. It was here that Batmite screened footage of the new show Batman the Brave and the Bold. While they initially showed skepticism they eventually warmed up to the idea after Batmite pointed out that Batman did not always have to be the dark brooding caped crusader and that there was a time when Batman was a more cheerful and lighthearted character and that this interpretation was certiantly no less valid and true to the characters roots than the 'Tortured Avenger crying out for mommy and daddy' (and that the easter bunnies were pretty cool).

Only, one fan dressed up as the Joker did not warm up the the idea, just passing it off with a simple 'meh'.



The fan dressed up as the Joker is modeled after Bruce Timm and the fan dressed as Harley Quinn is modeled after Paul Dini who also appeared as a cross dressing Harley Quinn when Joker searches for a new henchgirl in Batman the Animated Series episode 'Jokers Millions'.